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What is Ejection Molding?

What is Ejection Molding?

The process to get injection molded products is called injection molding, or called injection. Injection molding is an important method in polymer molding processing, it is characterized by a short molding cycle and high production efficiency, it can produce complex shapes and precise dimensions at one time, it has strong molding adaptability, a wide range of products, and it is easy to realize automatic production, because of its wide range of applications.

The basic process of injection molding: the granular polymer material (hereinafter referred to as plastic material) is heated and extruded by the screw of the injection molding machine to become a molten melt, it enters into the injection barrel, runner and gate to mold cavity and core side, the result of injection molding is to produce plastic parts that meet requirements.  

Ejection Molding

The mold must have a well-designed and well-manufactured mold, advanced equipment and reasonable injection parameter to make qualified products, so people often make as the 3 elements by mold , injection molding machine and injection molding process as the three basic elements for the perfect injection molding process.

As one of the main tools of injection molding, the mold quality, precision, manufacturing time and production efficiency in the injection molding process affects the product quality, output, and product cost directly, and also ultimately determines the company’s reaction speed to market competition.

USM specializes in plastic precision injection mold and injection molding with over 16 years of experience, the ability to produce mold at the high international standard, strong engineering and design capability, aggressive lead time and competitive price continues to be the success factor of USM.

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