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The main reasons for air trapping of plastic injecton mold

The main reasons for air trapping of plastic injecton mold

During the injection molding process, the front end of the slight ribs may be air trapped and plastic burnt, and also cause the molded part may become black and carbonized.

The mechanism of air trapped scorching is that when the air in the mold cavity is extruded by the molten plastic flowing into the cavity, the air will heat due to being compressed if it is in a sealing state without an outlet, and then it leads to combustion and burns.


Since the air is a kind of gas, it can be compressed, but it generates heat when compressed, it is like when we use a pump to inflate our bike tires, the pump gets hot.

The compression of the residual air in the cavity usually occurs in a short time of about 0.1 to 0.5 seconds, because it is compressed under a high pressure of 200 to 500 kgf per square centimeter, it is easy to heat up to the ignition point of the plastic (as shown in picture 1).

Therefore, for some slight ribs, pillars and other product features in the gas injection mold, it is necessary to make venting slot to let the gas in the mold which can be discharged to the outside of the cavity.

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