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Insert pin of vengting design for molded parts

Insert pin of vengting design for molded parts

Insert pin of venting:


It is difficult to make exhaust slot when end runner is not in parting surface during injection, and there is no matching gap available, but we could make the venting pin at end of runner side, and also the exhasut slot will be connected with the air in outside as the venting system, there are some tips for making the insert pin as following:

1. The venting pin should fixed with the mold by H7/g6;

2. There should be an exhaust slot on the side of the venting pin and connect with the air (as shown in picture 1);

3. It will be used venting pin when air trapping position is fixed, but it will be better to use venting insert if the air trapping position is changing in local;

4. The sealing area of insert pin will be made according to the size of insert pin, and the length of sealing is 10-20mm, then it can clearance later;

5. The top of insert pin will make 3 snaps to make venting, and the depth is 0.02~0.05mm;

6. Insert pin is changed by injector pin.

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