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Slider designing tips 1

Slider designing tips 1


1. After the slider core pulls out, the length of staying in the guide pin slot should not be less than 2/3 of the total length of the slider, for special cases, the slider slot can be partially lengthened;

2. In principle, the length of the sliding part of the slider should be bigger than 1.5 times the height of the slider;

3. The mating surface of the cross-section surface of the slider going deep into the fixed die is made into a side slope of 3~5° to avoid air or unilateral, as shown in 1 in picture 1;

4. The maximum angle of the angle pin shall not exceed 22°,, and the wedge angle of the slider is 2-3° larger than that of the angle pin;

5. The entrance of the angle pin hole of the slider should be made into an R angle, as shown in 2 in picture 1;

6. The matching gap between the angle pin hole of the slider and the angle pin should be avoided by 0.5-1.0mm on one side;

7. After the slider is pulled out, there must be a stroke switch, and the slider limit device with a compression spring and a stop is preferred, as shown in 3 in picture 1;

8. A wear plate is required for the locking part of the slider, as shown in 4 in picture 1, the slider and the top of the entrance of the locking block make an R angle.

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