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Plastic injection mold common cooling gate

Plastic injection mold common cooling gate

1. Straight-through cooling water gate: the straight-through cooling gate is the most commonly used gate for plastic injection mold, and it is also the most convenient type of cooling for processing. It is commonly used on molds with thinner walls and larger areas, which shows in picture 1.


2. Annular cooling water gate: this cooling water gate is suitable for round inserts parts, where there is ejector pin and plastic material in the insert and cannot be used for cooling methods such as water well spraying, the common structure is shown in picture 2, we shold we should try to avoid the sealing ring being worn and worn by the cutting during assembly.


3. Heat conduction rod type: for some slight cores, conventional water transportation, spraying and water well cooling cannot be used, and heat conduction rods can be used to transfer the heat from the melt to the core, and then the cooling water carry out the heat from the mold, as shown in picture 3, the material of the thermal conductive rod is usually beryllium copper.


4. Baffle board cooling water gate: the baffle board is  often used in deep cavity molds, this type of mold has a large core length and absorbs a lot of heat from the plastic melt, but the width or diameter is small and common, the cooling water gate is often unable to go up, and the ideal effect can be achieved by using a baffle board, as shown in  picture 4.


5. Cooling pipe type: the cooling pipe is the same as the baffle board for deep cavity molds, or places where the cooling water channel is difficult to reach but has a large amount of heat accumulation, this kind of cooling water gate needs to use a cooling pipe, it is not as pupular as baffle board  in normal design, as shown in picture 5.


6. Spiaral baffle board: it is normally used as same cooling pipe and baffle board, but the cooling is better, it needs to add spiral pillar or spiral piece, as shown in picture 6.


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