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Limitations of gas-assisted injection molding technology

Limitations of gas-assisted injection molding technology

Gas-assisted injection molding technology has obvious advantages in thick wall thicknes and tpipe parts, but this technology still has many limitations, which are mainly reflected in the following aspects:


1. Comparing with traditional injection molding, the injection parameters of gas-assisted injection molding are doubled, and the sensitivity of parts to process parameters is improved, therefore, in the molding process, the precise control of various process parameters has a slight error, then the part quality and the stability of the production process will be affected.

2. When the gas channel structure design and mold design of the gas injection mold part are unreasonable, or the operation of the gas-assisted equipment is incorrect, it will cause issues such as poor gas channel and blockage of the needle and so on, it will lead to unstable production or lower productivity.


3. Gas-assisted injection molding requires a special gas-assisted equipment and molds, use purified nitrogen, or modify the nozzle of the injection machine, or open a gas channell in the mold and add a gas needle to guide the gas into the mold cavity and core, sometimes in the mold pressure and temperature sensors are placed in the cavity to improve control accuracy, so the initial investment cost is relatively high.

4. Higher quality requirements for operators and engineers, traditional injection molding experience cannot solve the process defects of gas-assisted parts, engineers must use CAE software to perform simulation analysis before designing in order to determine a reasonable design plan and various process parameters to reduce repeated mold trial and modification cost.

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