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Design Tips of Vacuum Venting Mold

Design Tips of Vacuum Venting Mold

There are some regular venting way which are parting surface venting, insert venting, insert pin venting and well-ventilated steel, but there is a special way is vacumm venting, it will need vacumm machine and radiotube, the mold design and manufacturing way will be different comparing with the regular mold;


There are many advantages of vacuuming venting, but there are some tips should be paid attention:

  1. The vacuuming mold ill e e nin ot which can not connect w the air, all venting slot will be sealed by sealing ring to isolate from outside;

  2. There will be a sealing ring on the parting surface of the vacuuming mold ( as shown in pictur 1 ), its function is to isolate the connection between the cavitynd the outsid;

  3. Except for the connecton between the gate an the cavity the rest of the mold is sealed to prevent air from being carried out during vacuuming;

  4. All ejector pin and ejector rod should be sealed by sealing ring ( as shown in picture 2 );

  5. All the inserts and the bottom of the insertneed to be sealed by sealing ring;

  6. A vacuum solenoid valve control switch should be added to the mold;

  7. After the mold is closed, the vacuum system starts to pumping function before mold injection.


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