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Slider of side core pulling mechanisum assembling

Slider of side core pulling mechanisum assembling


The picture 1 shows a typical guide pin driven slider parting and core-pulling mechanism, we will talk about the composition and function of the lateral core-pulling mechanism.

1. Lateral forming parts: the lateral forming part is the lateral concavo-convex (including the side hole-shaped parts, including the lateral cores and forming blocks, etc.) of the molded plastic parts, such as the slider insert 4 in picture 1;

2. Moveable parts: moveable parts refer to the parts that install and drive the lateral forming blocks or cores and move inside the guide pin, such as the slider which shows in picture 1;

3. Transmission parts: the transmission parts refer to the parts that drive the moving parts for side parting when the mold is opened or to reset when the mold is drawn and closed, such as the inclined angular pin 5 in picture 1, the types of transmission parts are: dog-leg CAM drive, hydraulic cylinder drive, air cylinder drive, etc.;

4. Locking parts: in order to prevent the moving parts from being displaced by lateral pressure during injection, the parts set are called locking parts, such as the wedge tightening surface 8 in picture 1;

5. Limiting parts: in order to make the moving parts stay in the required position after the side parting or core pulling, to ensure that the transmission parts can be reset smoothly when the mold is closed, the moving parts must be set in the lateral direction, the limit parts at the end of parting or lateral core pulling, such as limit block 6 in picture 1;

6. Guide parts: the guide parts refer to the slider that restricts the slider to move in the correct direction when moving, as shown in the guide rails 7 in picture 2.

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