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Slider designing tips 2

Slider designing tips 2

9. The molding parting surface of the slider molding should be made as a shut-off surface as possible, and the width of the shut-off part should be at least 8mm, and do not make a shut-off surface;

10. When using the center guide slider, we should follow the company standard "slide center guide slider design" strictly;

11. When the mold is closed, if there is a risk of interference between the slider and other parts, the reset mechanism must be done first;

12. The core-pulling distance of the slider must be bigger than the actual core-pulling distance of the product by 3-5mm;

13. The large slider should be avoided to be set in the direction of the top side of the mold as far as possible; if it is unavoidable, it should be driven by an hydralic cylinder, and a stroke switch should be installed to cooperate with it;

14. When the cylinder core-pulling device is not used for the slider on the day side, the strength of the slider limit device must be checked to ensure that the weight of the slider does not exceed 2/3 of the strength of the limit device to prevent accidents;

15. When the slider is set on the ground side, the spring can be cancelled, but at the same time, a reliable stop should be designed to prevent the slider from falling off due to its own weight;

16. The same material cannot be used if there is frictional movement between the parts or the requirements of the insertion.


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