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Multi Cavity Mold

Multi Cavity Mold

The runner filling balance must be considered when designing the multi-cavity mold in order to ensure the best effect of filling balance, the multi cavity mold will be multiple of 4 to design the mold generally, such as 4. 8. 16. 32. 64. 128 points, etc. ; Most of the multi-cavity mold will be filled with a hot runner to reduce the cold runner and achieve the effect of filling balance; Firstly, the engineer will consider the multi-cavity mold size whether it can fit the suitable multi cavity injection molding machine when making the multi-cavity mold.

Multi Cavity Mould for Sale

Multi Cavity Mold

Multi Cavity Plastic Mold Benefits

1. The multi cavity product volume demands are very large, and the single cavity mold can not meet the delivery time requirements;

2. The injection machine can fit the multi-cavity mold;

3. The customer wants to lower the product unit price from multi cavity plastic mold factory.

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