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Plastic Household Mould

Plastic Household Mould

The smart switches and smart sockets of the smart home systems have the same specifications as normal power switches and sockets. Therefore, there is unnecessary to damage the wall, rewire, or buy new electrical equipment. It can replace the original wall switches and sockets directly. The system can be connected with the existing electrical equipment in the user's home, such as lamps, telephones, and home appliances.

Plastic Household Mould Types

Plastic Household Mould

Advantages of Smart Home Appliance Mold

Meet different demands

In order to meet the different types of demands, grades, and styles, the control host of the smart home system can also be upgraded online, and the control function can also be continuously improved. In addition to achieving smart lighting control, home appliance control, security alarm, door and window control, and remote monitoring. In addition, other functions can be expanded, such as feeding pets, caring for the elderly and children, and watering the garden.

Consistency of installation specifications

Assuming that a two-wire smart switch is used during the renovation of the new house completely, one more neutral wire needs to be routed to the switch. Another important feature of smart home appliance products is that a normal electrician worker can assemble a complete set of smart home systems by looking at simple instructions.

The system is stable and reliable

Since the intelligent system of the entire building of smart home appliance products must ensure 24-hour operation, the safety, stability, and reliability of the smart home system must be highly valued, and it must be ensured that even at certain Internet speeds, the speed is low or unstable Under the circumstance, it still does not affect the main functions of the smart home system. For each subsystem, take corresponding fault-tolerant measures in terms of power supply and system backup to ensure the normal and safe for the system use, good performance, and the ability to cope with various complex environmental changes.

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