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Cold Runner & Hot Runner Plastic Mold

Cold Runner & Hot Runner Plastic Mold

Generally, the temperature-sensitive wire is composed of steel wire insulated with a heat-sensitive material, the temperature sensing wire is commonly known as the "thermocouple", and there are many types,  but hot runner thermocouple has two types: standard type J and type K.

Cold Runner & Hot Runner Plastic Mold Types

Cold Runner & Hot Runner Plastic Mold

Common Hot Runner Temperature Sensing Wires Types And Characteristics

However, the basic principle is to use the corresponding relationship of a certain material to temperature changes, and a closed-loop is formed by two different component material conductors, when there is a temperature gradient at both ends, at this time, there is the electromotive force-term electromotive force between the two ends, which is called "Seebeck effect". After the electric potential signal is amplified by the amplifying circuit, it is converted into an AD signal and displayed by LED or pointer, thermocouple is one of the commonly used temperature detection elements in the industry. 

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