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Mould Assemble

Mould Assemble

To assemble the mold but not without fitting is the goal for every bench worker, and it has become the soul of every USM employee.

All bench workers will be assisted from at beginning of the project starting, from mold structure design, processing technology with their experience in order to make our goal become true.

There are 8 bench workers who have over 15 years of rich experience in our team, they are working with our engineers together to make theory with reality are perfect, then the mold design can be perfect after processing.

Mould Assemble

Injection Mold Assemble

Plastic Injection Mold Assemble

Mould Assemble

Injection Molding Tool

  • The common fixing method of angle pin
    May 11 2024
    The angle pin is a common part of the drive slider, and the fixing and installation methods as following:1. Pass through the mold plate directly and press the angle pin with the top plate to fix it, a...
  • Slider spring hength and strength calculation
    Apr 23 2024
    Processing size:1. ØD2=ØD+22. Ll = total spring length (L) - preload value of spring (N) - slider core pulling distance (L2)Spring length calculation: (refer to picture 1 for length calculation)★L...
  • The design requirements of slider wear plate
    Jan 03 2024
    1. The wear plate of slider requires hardening treatment, with a hardness of 45-48HRC;2. The friction surface of the wear plate is required to be 1.0mm higher than the slider surface (see picture-1);3...