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Injection Molding Project Mangement

Injection Molding Project Mangement

The project manager is the window for external communication and the bridge for the internal transmission of customer information in USM.

Industrial Molds Project Management

Each project will be handled by a different project engineer and project manager, all project managers are required to be able to communicate with customers in English well. From the project starting to mold shipment, they are responsible for contact with our customer for all the details according to the project pane, we will update the mold progress report to the customer every week for all projects, so that the customer will be very clear the project real status at any time, and also give return back to the factory after receiving feedback.

Injection Molding Business Project Management

Injection Molding Price Project Management

The project manager will organize relevant departments when each project is launched, the main meeting contents ar:

1. Each department know the general situation about the new project, such as product material, mold steel, customer requirements, mold structure, design standards, and other detailed information;

2. Setting the internal mold code of USM and sharing all the information to each department;

3. Making the mold schedule according to the mold delivery time required by our customer;

4. Confirm the specific worker about the detailed production requirements.

Injection Molding Tool Project Management

Injection Moulding Order Process

The project manager will organize relevant departments during the mold design to discuss the mold structure and mold technology details, and follow the progress until finishing the mold design.

Injection Moulding Design Project Management

Injection Moulding Progress

The project manager will participate in the mold trial and professional suggestions to solve the practical issues for different situations, until getting the perfect samples. All project managers have rich experience in the injection molding process, especially in pre-deformed products and gas-assisted products.

Plastic Injection Molding Project

The project engineer will have a meeting after the mold trial to discuss the mold issues and provide solutions for modification.

Injection Moulding Supplies Project Management

The project manager will prepare the mold data before mold shipment, the information includes:

1. 2D & 3D mold data;

2. Injection mold technology file;

3. Mold inspection report;

4. Mold instruction.

Custom Injection Molding Project Management

Cheap Injection Moulding Project Management

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