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3 Precision Molds Are Ready to Ship Germany

3 Precision Molds Are Ready to Ship Germany

After 2 months later, the 3 molds have been finished and ready to ship. From DFM report to mold design to manufacturing and T1 samples were provided in 6 weeks.

It is our honor to be the business partner of this German customer since April 2021, It is our honor to receive 2nd order from our customer. At the first time, the customer purchased 1 mold from us as a trial order, but after he received the T1 samples, he was very impressed with our engineering and service, and then start the following order.

The material is PC+ABS in V0 class which is easy to corrode mold, so we used the import mold steel by ASSAB, the cavity was made by HRC 50-52 heat treatment, and the core was made by HRC 50-52 heat treatment, the injection system was used hot runner by the direct gate of Yudo, non-standard mold base of LKM, the spare parts were all used by DME, we made the mold flow analysis before mold manufacturing to testing in advance, we found that the part would be about 0.4mm deformation, so the engineer made an adjustment and testing the temperature difference by cavity and core side, so the T1 samples had very good result when we finish the mold trial.

From "our hands" to "customer's hands", it takes incredible patience. Thanks to our hardworking, skilled and talented team, to realize a project from an idea to a finished product.

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